Healing the AURA

Dian Priharjati uses acupressure and breathing remedies to restore balance in the body’ energy flow. Patricia Ivanna talks with Dian to learn more about her special technique for relieving illness and stress.

Living in Jakarta can take its toll on anyone. The city’s notorious traffic jams and lack of decent public transportation, not to mention the regular floods and demonstrations, can make the task of getting from one place to another an extremely for many residents. Stress is one of the worse things for our health, and aura healing therapist Salma Dian Priharjati has seen the effects of this common ailment firsthand on plenty of her clients.


“When we are stressed, our muscles tense up and they block blood circulation to our brain, resulting in fatigue and sleeping troubles,” says the 39-year-old owner of Dian Kenanga Totok Aura. “Not only does it affect to our health, our skin will also look dull and tired.”

Dian’s approach to healing aims to restore harmony and balance in the body’s energy flow by combining breathing techniques with acupressure, an ancient Chinese therapy that uses fingers pressure on key points of the body to stimulate natural healing mechanisms. Dian calls her technique TOTOK AURA, or Aura healing through acupressure.

People often mistakenly associate the word ‘aura’ with mysticism. There is nothing mystical about it. Aura actually means energy. Every human being projects an aura, an energy, or chi. When we are sick or stressed out, our body is not functioning well and the imbalance shows in the energy that we project,” Dian explains. “To put it simply, totok aura is a technique that combines acupressure and our own chi to rebalance every function in our body. When our body is in harmony, we project a better aura.”

Being half-Chinese from her mother’s side of the family. Dian learned early in life about acupuncture and acupressure from one of her mother’s relatives. She studied breathing techniques and meditation at the Merpati Putih martial arts school and at the Mahatma school in Jakarta.

Her idea to develop the totok aura method came in 2003 while she was working as a beauty therapist and manager at a health center. She pitched idea to her employer, who rejected it as too costly because of the training it would require to teach the therapists a new technique.
Her boss also feared using the word “aura” would have a mystical connotation.

The rejection was a blessing in disguise. I really had faith in totok aura so I decided to
resign and develop the method myself,” Dian recalls.

In 2004, she opened her own aura healing center. She called it the Dian Kenanga Totok Aura, combining her name with the name of one of her daughters. She started small, renting a room on Jl. Ampera Raya, south of Kemang. Starting with only 7 to 10 guests per week, her clientele soon grew in numbers. Within four months she needed to move to a bigger place and hire assistants.

I didn’t have a promotion budget. It was truly through the power of word of mouth,” Dian says.
One happy client would tell her or his friends and they would come and try the treatment themselves and recommend it to others.

And then one senior journalist from a reputable publication came to seek treatment for a chronic headache. After several treatments, the headache disappeared. Awed by the result, she wrote about it in her publication. Other news media soon followed suit.

The publicity really helped introduce the real benefit of totok aura to the public,” says Dian.
Now totok aura is no longer seen as having anything to do with mysticism. Nor is it mistakenly regarded as a beauty treatment just for women. People now know that totok aura is a health treatment for everyone.”

Today, about 40 percent of her clients are male, says Dian. The center has become so successful that Dian’s husband Aria Abiasa finally quit his marketing job at a major Indonesian shoe manufacturing company to take care of the sales and operational aspect of Dian’s business. The center now employs more than 100 therapist and has a branch in Pejaten that opened in 2008. Both places are frequented by many celebrities.

Having celebrity clients is free publicity, for which I’m very grateful,” Dian says.

Dian also recently added beauty treatments to accomodate her female clients who want a traditional creambath head massage or hair-styling service after a totok aura session.

Dian is not interested in franchising because she wants to be involved in every aspect of her business. She wants to expand slowly when the time is right. She has plans to open another branch in Depok and wants eventually to open treatment centers in other parts of Jakarta.

Despite her success, Dian remains humble and is still an idealist who always puts emphasis on quality rather than profit. “We are in the business of service and quality is very important. We give everything our best,” she says. “I don’t believe in shortcuts to gain profit. I believe profit comes from God. I do my best, and if God is willing, the profit will come.”


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